Industry Expertise

Logistics Industry

RaPid provides consulting services such as supply chain strategic consulting, logistics engineering planning and design, logistics infrastructure planning and design, and project facility management for global industrial and commercial enterprises and government public institutions.

Service area

  • Purchasing supply logistics consulting

    Based on the global procurement strategy of the enterprise, aiming at comprehensively improving the procurement KPI such as on-time delivery rate, procurement quality qualification rate and the best total procurement cost, the company provides the enterprise with procurement logistics mode design, procurement plan formulation, purchase order tracking, collaborative operation, early warning mechanism, real-time operation, procurement transportation planning, supply chain (Supplier) inventory management, warehousing planning Closed loop management consulting in the whole process of purchasing logistics network planning .

  • Production logistics (factory logistics) consulting

    It mainly solves the planning and design of the internal information flow, capital flow and logistics of manufacturing enterprises from the input of raw and auxiliary materials to the warehousing of finished products, and provides effective, feasible and optimal solutions.

  • Distribution logistics consulting

    Based on the global (National) marketing strategy and strategy of the enterprise, and based on the principle that the total logistics cost is the best and the customer service level is satisfied, we provide GDC, CDC, RDC logistics network design, transportation planning design, storage and distribution center planning design, global (National) storage and distribution center operation management mode design, logistics distribution mode design, third-party logistics collaborative management system for the enterprise . Build global (National) logistics network and distribution system for enterprises.

  • Integrated logistics solution of commercial supply chain

    Guided by the maximization of business profits and based on the optimization of total logistics cost, the planning and design of logistics, information flow, document flow and capital flow in the whole process of commodity purchase, supply logistics, warehousing and distribution, packaging, sorting, chain operation and distribution, distribution stores and wholesale are provided for business enterprises, and effective, feasible and optimal solutions are provided .

  • Competitive enterprise research

    Basic overview, financial situation
    Sales situation
    Product, channel, price, promotion
    Production and logistics
    Manpower consulting

Hot research topics

Intelligent logistics reform:
Intelligent logistics system is composed of logistics brain, information transmission system and operation execution. At present, the logistics brain innovation is in the digital development stage, and is being comprehensively evolved to program-controlled and intelligent. The information transmission system is in the Internet plus stage, and is evolving to the Internet of things and information physics system (CPS). The current hot point of the job execution system is automation and Robotics, and is evolving to flexible automation, unmanned and intelligent hardware system.